Mini Air Purifier Cleaner Plug In Smoke Dust Purification for Home 220V

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Mini Air Purifier Cleaner Plug In Smoke Dust Purification for Home 220V

Air sterilization, deodorization, dust collection and elimination of radiation electrostatic. In the bedroom, kitchen, study still has the place that the sitting room likes, installation is on socket, extension line socket can.

  • Use mobile phone for a long time, negative ion prevents radiation.
  • Anion relieve fatigue, work efficiently.
  • Breathe clean air and stay fresh.
  • Plug and play, press save trouble.
  • Metal auxiliary launcher, imported carbon fiber launcher, environmental ABS material body.

Suitable for: People who are under great pressure, who like smoking and drinking, who have cold hands and feet, who like sports, who have irregular life, who live in a bad living or working environment, who are vulnerable to illness, who use mobile phones for a long time, who are prone to insomnia, who have stiff and painful shoulder or knee muscles.

Air Volume: 50m³/h
Power (W): 1w
Voltage (V): 220V
Certification: ce
Certification: ROHS
Style: Air Purifier
Application area: <10㎡
Installation: Portable
Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 96.20%
Power Source: A.C. Source
Benzene Removal Rate: 99.00%
Noise: ≤50dB
Anion Density: 1000000pcs/m³
Application: 3-8m³
Function: Deodorization
Oxygen Supply: Below 1L/min
Power Supply: Alternating Current
Capacity (CFM): ..
Model Number: ..